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P.H.U – Policy Holder University

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Dear Future & Current Clients-

Congratulations! On behalf of The Susan Murray Insurance Agency, we would like to inform you of your admission to Policy Holder University as a member of the Class of 2017. You were selected amongst extraordinary candidates and it will be our pleasure to be your education provider & insurance liaison.

Together we can navigate this thing called “Life” and ensure that your assets remain protected. Moving forward, our wish for the Class of 2017 is that you become proactive about your options and learn to make informed decisions with our expertise and guidance.


– Agent Jess


So, you want “Full Coverage“…But do you know what “Full Coverage” means?

Full Coverage includes 3 separate designations of coverage. 

1. Liability 


Call our office today to find out if you have Full Coverage!

Don’t Forget– Stay Tuned for More!….. 

The Susan Murray Insurance Agency is dedicated to educating our clients & prospective clients about the ins and outs of insurance. Our mission is to not only serve our community through exceptional sales & service but to advise our clients to make educated decisions regarding their own insurance.

Our agency is excited to announce that Policy Holder University or P.H.U will be a recurring segment on our blog.

Interested in becoming a contributor? Contact Jessica at for more information on participating in a future installment.
Policy Holder University is an ongoing informational series written, published and copyrighted © by Susan Murray Insurance Agency in an effort to educate consumers about insurance related topics. P.H.U is not affiliated with Nationwide Insurance or it’s subsidiaries. 

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